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Extract is a premium blend of Norwegian Sea Kelp, containing high levels of active anzymes and cytokins, as well as amino acids
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Consists of a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles
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Suitable for all types of plants during all stages of growth. It can be used for plants growing in hydroponics, Coco Coir and all types of media

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An organic, naturally occurring substance that controls disease. The root system is the organ most vulnerable to attack and the organ least able to defend itself.

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Fertiliser Booster – B Vitamin Supplement
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Suitable for use in all hydroponic and soil growing techniques.
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Bio Diesel is an extreme Bud Fuel designed for fast growing, heavy blooming hybrids. Based on a specialised form of Desert Bat Guano, Bio Diesel is loaded...
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BioBizz organic range from the Netherlands

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Increases calcium and magnesium availability
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Pump up flower weight and volume to gain extra yield.
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• Stimulates rapid flower mass • Improves flower uniformity • Enhances plant health
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