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Bud Blood Powder

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Bloom Stimulant that Multiplies the number of bloom sites on your plants and forces those blooming sites to pop out bigger, heavier, juicier buds – sooner.The team at Advanced Nutrients has put 100's of research and development hours into formulating not just a simple bloom booster, but a revolutionary new formula that allows you to greatly shorten your crop cycles.For years, growers have been trying to develop ways to get their plants to flower sooner and get to harvest earlier.And for good reason! If you can successfully shorten your crop cycles each year, you'll get more valuable harvests per year... AND... spend less on supplies and expense each harvest.This extensive research has allowed these scientists to pinpoint exactly what promotes floral development and blooming in our types of plants... and... they put this proprietary knowledge to use in BUD BLOOD's ingredients.Because BUD BLOOD contains superior forms and perfect ratios of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and other key bloom-enhancing ingredients it gives your plants exactly what they need to not just produce bigger, more plentiful buds... but also... it literally forces your crops into their flowering phase sooner and gets you to a valuable harvest as quickly as possible.Using BUD BLOOD BLOOM STIMULATOR is incredibly simple and easy. You only use it during the initial transition when you switch your plants from early growth to bloom phase.Plus, it mixes quickly. No mess, no bother. And it blends perfectly with your base fertilizer and any other additives you are using.Not only that, but BUD BLOOD BLOOM STIMULATOR has been tested and proven to work with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. It's also been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feed growing systems.So no matter what feeding program you're giving your plants... and no matter what type of growing you're doing... you can still count on BUD BLOOD BLOOM STIMULATOR to give you bigger, juicier buds faster and get you to a valuable harvest sooner.