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Professor's Go Roots

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GO ROOTS – Root Development
Faster root growth leads to shorter vegetative periods and more crop yields
With root health being so vital, proper care is necessary to maintain vigorous root growth throughout all stages of plant development. Go Roots contains purified Humates and Fulvic Acid to carry an array of Bio Stimulants that trigger explosive feeder roots.
What makes Go Roots unique is the inclusion of a special Fungicide which not only promotes new root growth, but gives roots protection during the later stages of the crop. Plants generally stop producing new root growth early in flowering, which means that roots are more open to disease attacks.
Unlike other root stimulants which are only effective in the vegetative stages of growth, Go Roots will protect your roots throughout the entire plants life cycle.
• Increase in Root Mass
• Assist in Root Recovery from over-watering
• Protect against Damping Off and Root Rot Diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora fungi
• Contains built in Fungicide for Total Crop Protection during all stages of plants life cycle
• Creates increased Lateral Feeder Roots
• Faster transplants and cuttings establishments
• Humic and Fulvic Acid for nutrient and trace element uptake