A huge range of accessories including Smell Proof Bags, Microscopes, Flower Netting, Measuring Equipment, Eye Protection, Water Heaters and much more.
      Help your plants thrive with the right additives such as Aminos, Seaweed & Kelp, Enzymes, Silica, Vitamins, Flower Boosters, Resin Enhancers, Foliar Treatments and more.
        Discover a great selection of lighting ballasts for your LED Lamps from leading brands including Adjust-A-Wings, Lumatek and Power-Plant.
          Our informative collection of gardening guides have been curated to provide answers to all your growing questions.
            Enrich crops and increase yield with Accent Hydroponics’ range of Co2 release products and control systems.
              Check out our quick and temporary solutions for individuals who do not want to compromise their lifestyles or can’t commit to an abstinence period.
                Build the perfect grow house with movers and lighting rails all designed to make rigging simple and seamless.
                  All your lighting needs are covered. Choose from a massive range of CFL, CMH, HPS, LED and MH Lamps, Propagation Lighting, Light Kits and more.
                    Growing mushrooms has been made easy with a selection of fresh, made to order gourmet grow bags.
                      Harvesting doesn’t have to be a chore with Accent Hydroponics’ range, from Cold Filter Bags to Trimmers, Drying apparatus, Extraction tools and Storage.
                        From starter-packs to all-inclusive professional grade kits, Accent’s got the best brands and all your growing needs covered.
                          Propagate with ease in the best medium for your plants to thrive, chose from Clay Balls, Co-Co Coir, Perlite, Vermiculite, Rockwool, Growstone, Optimised Soil and more.
                            Accent has all the nutrients and powder packs designed to feed plants and help them flourish. Find a wide range of fertilizers and cultures.
                              Choose from an array of refreshing scents and neutralise offensive odors by eliminating the source.
                                Protect your plants from harmful pests and fungus and other organisms with organic and pet friendly solutions for the environmentally conscious.
                                  Customisable irrigation systems for all gardens and growers, indoors and out with flexi-tubes, valves, outlets and more.
                                    Find the right pot for your plant with Accent’s selection of Air Pots, Root Pots, Fabric Pots, Wall Planters, Smart Pots and Net pots.
                                      Accent Hydroponics stock a wide range of propagation equipment and solutions including Growth Gels, Heat Mats, Plugs and Blades.
                                        The best quality pumps are available here. Find pumps and accessories including impellers, diaphragms, tubing and valves.
                                          Make the most of your lights and retain heat with our selection of professional grade, waterproof reflective film.
                                            Increase the efficiency of your lights, broaden your grow area and maximise yield by creating seasonal conditions perfect for you plants to prosper using these reflectors and cool tubes.
                                              Take control and create the perfect environment for your plants to succeed. We have a wide range of tents to suit all growing needs.
                                                Monitor growth and Buffers, Calibration Solutions, Power Monitors, pH & EC Testers, Test Kits, Timers, Controllers, Thermometers and Hygometers.
                                                  Shop our huge selection of hydroponic grow trays and mats the will integrate seamlessly with your irrigation system.
                                                    Ensure a continuous flow of fresh air between the outside world and your indoor grow area with our range of Ducting, Carbon Filters, Connectors, Fans, Controllers, Filters and replacement parts.

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